Every Easter Sunday, it’s become a bit of a tradition in our house, to have an Easter egg hunt. It started simply, with a few eggs scattered around the garden in obvious places and in plain sight. Now, the whole thing requires planning, preparation and, of course, I have to better it each year! The kids have great fun finding the clues and working as a team to solve them.

Buzymum - Every clue you need for a homemade Easter egg hunt!

I use a mix of the small hollow chocolate eggs and various mini eggs, always putting three of the same in each location (3 identical eggs+ 3 kids= no arguments!). The clues lead to their main Easter egg or present, which I usually don’t put into place until they are 3/4 way through the hunt, so that they can’t come across it accidentally, part way through. The clues can be placed in any order, but it’s best to have one of the last ones outside, so you can put the main eggs in place while they are out of the way. I would suggest numbering the clues (you may want to change my order or omit some of them, if they don’t work within your household) or keep an ordered list so that you can keep them on the right track! Some of the clues are more obvious than others so adjust them to suit your children and remember to add your child’s name where required. As our lot are early risers, I prepare the majority of the hunt the night before, using clip-top plastic boxes for the ones in the garden. The introduction is placed in our bedroom complete with three Easter baskets/ bags or buckets to collect the treats. So please copy, paste, cut, hide and enjoy!!!

The Easter bunny has been around,

There are lots of eggs to be found.

Work together to find them all,

The first are downstairs in the ____(hall)


Clue number 1   

Out in the garden there are choc’s,

In a bush they are hiding, look for a plastic box.


Clue number 2   

If you want to dress up as a pirate or princess,

To go to this box would be a good guess.

[We have a blanket box full of dressing-up stuff]


Clue number 3

If you would like another chocolate hit,

Look where (name) keeps his rugby kit.

[You can change this to any sports kit or leave out the clue]


Clue number 4

Go back downstairs to find some more,

They are hiding behind the kitchen ____(door)


Clue number 5

To find more eggs,

You’ll need more guesses,

Look in a cupboard where Mummy

Keeps her _______(dresses)


Clue number 6

More eggs are hiding in the lounge,

Near the television they can be found.


Clue number 7

To find more chocolate use your head,

In the garden they are hidden,

Try searching in the flower ___ (bed)


Clue number 8

More eggs aren’t far,

It’s really not hard.

They are sharing a draw with (name)’s leotard.

[We have a gymnast in the house but if this clue doesn’t work for you, leave it out]


Clue number 9

Keep looking and you’ll find these ones with ease.

They are hiding somewhere cold

Where we keep the ______(cheese)


Clue number 10

You’ve done well so far,

That is certain,

The next eggs could be in any room,

Behind the _________(curtains).


Clue number 11

Go and have a little rest,

Maybe on a sofa would be best?


Clue number 12

The Easter Bunny hopes that you’ve had fun,

As the chocolate trail is nearly done,

He hopes that he has made you smile and laugh,

More treats are hiding in the ____(bath)


Clue number 13

To find more chocolate use your head,

There are more outside in the garden ____(shed)


Clue number 14

This is the last and final clue,

To find a special egg for each of you.

Around the house and garden you’ve been led,

Go and look where you woke up this morning,

It’s under your ___(bed)

Let me know if you tried it, how it went or if you are planning your own home-made Easter-egg hunt! xx

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Home-Made Easter Egg Hunt
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