Hi, I’m Sonia and I help parents create a balanced, healthy lifestyle for their families focussing on fitness and nutrition.

Buzymum- the author Sonia Urie

I’m a mum of three headstrong, lively children (just like their parents!) but wouldn’t have it any other way! I’m a gymnastics coach (L4 WA) and general health and fitness fanatic, trying to balance work and family. Oh, and I do it on my own a lot of the time, as my gorgeous hubby is away on business A LOT!!

Buzymum in a judo hold, holding a rugby ball and balancing a gymnast on her feet!
Though it’s now a few years old, this picture really sums up our family life!!

With my eldest now 14, I’ve picked up, made-up, trialed and tested loads of parenting tips and tricks. I enjoy documenting and sharing our adventures, wins and fails, that will hopefully save you time and heartache, or at least make you giggle at my mistakes!

I’m obsessed with my family’s health, fitness and education, having a clean/ tidy house and………………coffee!!

Buzymum- silly image of working out at home
Never too serious but serious about staying fit and healthy!

I’m passionate about nutrition and exercise, gymnastics and learning to speak Spanish.

I’m open to reviewing products, writing sponsored content and hosting well written content, all of which must be relevant to Buzymum. Please feel free to contact me to enquire about fees, any further information or to put forward a proposal.

Sonia xx

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