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Do you need some inspiration on ways to get your kids exercising? You don’t need to be a parent to feel concerned about the worrying statistics regarding childhood obesity, but if you are a parent, you can join the battle against spending too much time inside (pandemic or not) and helping your kids and their friends get into better shape. This isn’t just so you can feel better about yourself as a parent, but also to encourage the next generation of children how to look after their bodies. How can you get kids interested in exercise, though? Here are some useful tips to try. 

Exercise Together 

There is no better way to get your kids interested in exercise and fitness than by being the perfect role model for them. Creating a family home workout will encourage them to burn off energy and learn about the benefits of exercise without feeling like they’re doing anything. You can take 20 minutes every day to do star jumps, push-ups and more together in your living room or garden. Not only will this teach kids about the benefits of exercise, it will help you bond as a family which also makes the activity fun. Instead of being forced to run, jump, hop or skip in their PE lessons, your kids will feel more in control and therefore enjoy it more. 

Introduce Them to Different Activities 

Not all activities will appeal to everyone. Some kids love football whereas others prefer cricket. Some will enjoy running, but others will embrace swim classes as the best way to stay active. You mustn’t force just one activity on your kids, but instead, introduce them to a wide range of sports and exercises to help them find the right one for them. It might get in the way of your dreams of them becoming a famous footballer, but maybe they’ll be the next greatest Badminton player instead. 

Make Activity Normal 

Kids can be resistant to something they do not consider normal. If you let them spend all day sitting on the sofa playing video games, they’ll be surprised when you ask them to go outside and play. But, if you normalise activity by walking to school rather than driving (if possible) or going on family walks at the weekend, they will have a better relationship with exercise. 

Keep It Fun For Them 

Exercise is not always fun, and parents can sometimes let the point of exercise get in the way of their kids enjoying themselves. There’s no need to bring a competitive edge to their exercise straight away. If you want them to develop excellent exercise habits, you need to make sure they enjoy what they are doing first. The more they enjoy their exercise, the more likely they will be to pursue it, and this will only benefit them as they grow up.

Family Fitness 

Whether at school, home, or out with their friends, it’s important to encourage a love of exercise in your kids. They need to morph into premier athletes, but possessing an understanding of why exercise is so important for maintaining a healthy lifestyle will do wonders for them as they grow up. 

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Ways To Get Your Kids Exercising

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