A catalog of mouth-watering, healthy recipes, to make fabulous meals for the whole family! You’ll find ‘hidden vegetable’ recipes like my ‘Very Veggie Beef Chilli’, ideal for those fussy eaters and picky toddlers. My quick prep meals make on-the-run dining fast and efficient! Our store-cupboard favourites are perfect for those days when there’s nothing in the fridge, why not try my ‘Quick Tuna & Olive Spaghetti’? You will also find classic recipes with quirky twists and free-from options like these super tasty mini fish pies. All well-balanced, healthy meals for a growing family.

Buzymum - The kids enjoying getting messy with tacos!

Healthy Recipes with Low or No Sugar!

I have to admit to being slightly obsessed with the health of my family! I’m always looking out for the low sugar/ salt options and add a minimal amount to our food. Natural sugars like honey and whole fruits are my favourite ways of sweetening snacks, deserts and breakfast bowls. Though I’m keen on time-saving short-cuts like stock-cubes and ready-made pastry (life is too short to make pastry!), I’m a huge fan of cooking from scratch so I know what’s going into our food.

smoked salmon. herb salad open sandwich

Seasonality = Money Saving!

I love visiting our local farm shop to find seasonal bargains for mass cooking and freezer filling! Mushrooms to use in risotto, soup and pasta,  various vegetable selections are great for making batches of sauce and soup, plus fruit by the kilo, perfect for smoothies and sweet treats! There is always a glut of something, a deal to be had and a new recipe to create!

healthy vegetables to make healthy recipes

We Don’t Waste a Thing!

If you boil a gammon, use the stock for soups or risotto. When you remove the skin from chicken pieces, oven bake it spread out on a rack and serve as a crunchy side to a stew. Whizz up tired looking fruit and veg into a healthy after-school smoothie! You get the picture?

Healthy Recipes on a Budget

Lets face it, we are all looking to find the cheapest options without compromising on quality. A combination of using your freezer wisely, regular stock-taking (just knowing what you have in the fridge/ fruit bowl!) and trying out the supermarket’s own brands, are just a few of the ways I keep on top of the family finances. Cheap recipes can still be healthy recipes!

Buzymum - Quick Tuna Spaghetti with olives and parmesan

Allergies & Intolerances

We have a few intolerance issues here in the Buzymum house so the majority of these recipes are gluten and dairy free or will give these options. However, please be aware that none of our intolerances are severe so a few things sneak through here and there! Why not try my delicious gluten and dairy free ‘Cheesy, Peasy Rice with Hake‘?

Enjoy xxx

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