Monitoring progress in the skill- strength class is up to each individual participant. Though I will be able to see improvements in body shape and control, it is important for children to measure more specific progression. Using set challenges, I will ask children to make a note of their levels and scores which we will then revisit a few weeks later. Documented progression acts as a motivator to continue which, in turn sees further progress. However, I completely understand that some children would prefer not to write things down and purely want to come for the fun of the class.

If your child would like to record their progress, please encourage them to bring their notebook to each class. To save time writing during the class, please allocate a page to each challenge listed below. Every week we will test two of the challenges and make a note of the date and progress made. I would also encourage children to use their notebook at home too if they want to practice.

I will explain and teach good technique for each challenge during the classes:
Frog balance 
  • Hold or lift knee off elbow or extend leg behind
  • Upper body exercises like uneven planks, press-ups & angle handstands with mushroom back will improve this
Lift up to headstands
  • Tuck, straddle or pike
  • Goal is to build up to 10 pike up
  • Record which leg shape and how many you could do
  • Further progression to straddle up to handstand (elephant lift) without jumping
  • Practice core exercises like seal rolls, arch swimmers & front/ back support roll to improve these
Straddle levers
  • If flexibility is an issue, 1/2 lever instead (pike)
  • Straddle hold from sitting 
  • Pike stand to straddle hold
  • Pike stand to straddle hold, lift back to standing
  • Practice straddle & pike sitting leg lifts to improve these
Split handstand hold
  • How long can you hold?
  • Longer than 10 seconds must be without walking
  • Longer than 20 seconds, bring legs together
  • Practice holding a handstand against the wall to improve this


Pistol squats
  • Toe on the floor or leg lifted
  • How many can you do on each leg?
  • Practice ‘rock stand ups’ to improve these
Purch hold
  • Feet just resting on the floor or completely off
  • How long can you hold?
  • Practice uneven planks and angle handstands with mushroom back, to improve this

These records are solely for the children to monitor their own progress, if they would prefer not to keep a log, that is fine. Equally, they may wish to practice challenges at home and are therefore welcome to use their notebook to document improvement outside of class too. As you can see, I have added the best exercises to practice (we do them in the class) to each challenge above if children would like to work on them at home- 3 sets of 10-12 of each exercise.

Monitoring Progress in the Skill-Strength Class

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