If you are looking for something a bit more personal than my FaceBook live sessions, I’m now offering ‘Gymnastics-Fit’ Zoom classes! These sessions are specifically tailored to individual ability with live feedback through the Zoom app! For those of you who don’t know me, I’m a L4 WA gymnastics coach based at TGC.

What level gymnasts?

Sessions are suitable for keen recreational gymnasts training up to approximately six hours/ week and gymnasts in a low/ intermediate level squad. Please feel free to contact me to discuss the level of your child and whether these classes will suit them.

What are the benefits?

‘Gymnastics-fit’ Zoom classes are designed to develop and maintain fitness and strength for gymnastics skills while our gyms are still closed. Specific exercises and body preparation movements will not only improve strength but also consolidate good technique. Static and active flexibility work will increase mobility and develop accurate body positioning awareness. All of these training drills will enable faster skill progression once we are back to ‘normal training’.

What equipment do I need?

Like in my Facebook classes, we will be using household items to increase resistance so please have these ready for each session. Everything your child will need is detailed in this post including a short video of basic movement patterns. These should be understood before booking- don’t worry they are super easy!


Children must be British Gymnastics members to book. If there is enough interest from non-members, I will arrange alternative insurance to cover this.

‘Gymnastics-Fit’ Zoom Class timings and prices:

All prices are per connection rather than per child so no extra cost for siblings. Total connection time will be for 40 minutes and will start promptly as detailed in the ‘Zoom’ section at the end of this post.

  • Group zoom – £4 / 1×40 minute connection time
  • Bulk buy 10 group classes – £38
  • Private zoom session – available on request
Group Class Times:
  • Monday 8.30-9.10
  • Wednesday 8.30-9.10

These classes are subject to change in these uncertain times. I will happily add class times with enough demand, so please contact me with such requests. Email sonia@buzymum.com with any questions, to book and for PayPal payment information.

Disclaimer: When booking these classes you are agreeing that your child is a current member of British Gymnastics. You are responsible for checking all equipment/ household items before your child uses them and that they have clear space around them. Please check out my full disclaimer before continuing. If any exercise causes pain, stop and inform me immediately. Feel free to message me with any questions.

Computer screen surrounded by gymnastic images

Using Zoom for the class:

  • Download Zoom and register a free account.
  • Book a class to receive the meeting ID and password.
  • 5 minutes before the class click ‘Join’
Zoom home page highlighting 'Join'
  • In the ‘Join a meeting’ box enter the meeting ID and your child’s name.
Zoom app 'join a meeting' box
  • Click ‘Join’ once you have entered this information.
  • You will then be asked for the password which will take you to my ‘waiting room’.
  • I will take a register of those in the ‘waiting room’ prior to starting the session so as not to waste any time.
  • Participants will be muted for the majority of the session but will be given the opportunity to speak when necessary.
Please be aware:

Classes will start promptly with my attention on the class so cannot guarantee entry of late-comers. Children will only be admitted from the waiting room into the class, if they have paid (or are in credit and there is space) so please be sure to change the ‘personal link name’ to your child’s name. This name is also displayed in your child’s screen enabling ease of communication throughout the session.

Email sonia@buzymum.com with any questions, to book and for PayPal payment information.

‘Gymnastics-Fit’ Zoom Classes

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