Over the next few months I’ll be posting a step by step guide to help you lose weight forever and become a healthier, happier you! Like so many ladies out there, I’ve always got an eye on my waist line, trying to win the constant battle of the bulge while keeping healthy and full of energy! Having studied and tried a whole host of diets, regimes and ‘old wives tales’, I think I’ve cracked it! It’s not quick but it can be easy with the right support, attitude and understanding. I’ll also be linking to useful articles that will help you on your journey, doing all the research for you so that you can make your choices with a clearer understanding. Let’s do this!! 

 Losing weight in a short period of time is relatively easy but keeping the weight off, that’s the hard part. You don’t just want to lose weight, you want to lose weight forever!

January is always the extreme diet month of the year. We’ve all over indulged at Christmas and even if you’re not embarking on a seriously strict regime, you’ll certainly be cutting back a bit on the rich food, calorie packed tipples and indulgent snacks. We begin the year determined to lose that extra weight gained over the festive period (and the rest….), surviving on kale and poached chicken alone, sweating it out at the gym, never slacking or cheating the programme…………..

But after a few weeks (days!), the majority of us fall back into our old eating habits and sedentary lifestyle like we’d never left it because quite frankly, it’s too much change too quickly and nobody likes change! Losing that extra weight becomes illusive in itself, never mind attempting to lose weight forever!! You need to improve your will power and maximise motivation and you need to do it NOW!

Then the summer begins to loom and the thought of donning your swim wear and strutting out onto the beach, fills you with dread. Your only option at this point is to follow a quick fix, ultra low calorie (no fun) diet to shed as many pounds as possible. If you have the will power for that then this will be a doddle, but be warned, there is no such thing as a quick fix that lasts!

My approach is different.

In my opinion, there is absolutely no point in making lots of unsustainable changes quickly for short term gain. The answer is to make small changes, step by step, finding the changes that suit your lifestyle and sticking with them. Not every change will suit everyone, this is about being realistic, taking it slowly and listening to your body. I guarantee by doing it this way, you’ll feel the benefits of each change and that will, in turn, make it easier to adopt those changes.

Learn how to lose weight forever. Make small changes, understand those changes. Learn how to listen to your body, lose weight, feel better and find a healthy, happier you in the process.
The way to lose weight forever:

Understand it– Make sure you get it! Understanding why you are making a change means you are far more likely to stick to it!

Optimise and adapt it– No one can implement every dietary change to the letter. Work out what will work for you and suit your lifestyle. Make a small change now and revisit in a few weeks. Small steps are the key to losing weight forever.

Master it– Once you have decided how this change can work for you, do it! Change takes time so you need to stick at it to see results. To help you master changes, don’t do it alone……….

Teach and share it– Making any change alone is hard. If everyone is doing it and understanding it, you are all in it together. Introduce ideas to your family and friends. Educate your children and get them into great habits. Share the love!

Multiple benefits!

Not only will you lose weight forever following these simple changes, you’ll also feel a difference in your energy levels, ability to concentrate and general well-being. We’re not just aiming to drop a dress size or two, we are creating a healthier, happier you in a simple, sustainable way.

The holistic approach

What’s even better is that ALL of these tips and changes can be applied to the whole family, making them even easier to stick with! No need to make separate meals, this is a family plan with the added bonus of losing weight forever. Your children will learn good habits and understand how food effects and fuels them, enabling them to make independent healthy choices when you’re not around to do it for them.

Enjoy food

Eating good food is really important to me. I love my food, as do the majority of our friends and family! We often go out for a nice meal on a special occasion or cook an extravagant dish at home. It’s therefore really important to me that my children develop a good, healthy relationship with food. I want them to find the balance between eating for sustenance and for enjoyment. To be in touch with their bodies and know when to stop, correctly recognising signs of hunger and fullness and not mistaking for boredom and desire. Losing weight forever means forming a new relationship with food, a deeper understanding of its cause and effect on your health and well-being. Listening to your body is key and once you have established an understanding, the weight will drop off.

What do I know?

In short, I’ve studied it, tested it, questioned it, changed it and lived it! I studied health, fitness and nutrition and began my working life as a personal trainer. Since moving on from that, I’ve continued to have a keen interest in general health and wellbeing, keeping up with the latest trends, fads and developments. Using this knowledge, I’ve managed to get myself back into shape following three, full term pregnancies and kept the weight off each time. My number one priority in life now is to optimise the health and wellbeing of my family. We live life to the full and I want to make sure that we all continue to do so! Join us on our journey and lose weight forever!

How to lose weight forever! Simple lifestyle changes for the whole family to promote a new, healthier, happier life for you and your family.

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