I’ve spent the last three weeks mourning my gym and adapting workouts to my living room and garden, using house hold items to shape & tone at home! Only a few months ago we were discussing getting rid of the climbing/ swing/ slide set as the kids were ignoring it. I’m so glad we didn’t, as it’s become an integral part of the ‘home-gym’ for all of us! The whole family are using it- gymnast, judoka, rugby player and forty-something fitness junkies!

Buzymum- family using a climbing frame for fitness

Quick, Simple and Effective

I’m a regular gym-bunny, I love it but I don’t have much time. What I do in the gym has to be efficient and effective so I can get on with my day. Now I’m stuck at home with three children, nothings changed, I still have little ‘me-time’ so workouts must still be quick. I’ve therefore designed these shape & tone workouts to only take up around 30 minutes of your day. They’re easy to fit in and quick to complete! Get the whole family involved and you’ll be done before you know it!

Home Workout Equipment

Ok, so I’ve borrowed a few weights and elastics from the gymnastics club and some mats from the judo club. We also invested a hefty £6 on a mixed set of resistance bands. Other than that, we are using bags and rucksack filled with wood (you could use books), cushions, plastic plates and toilet rolls as make-shift gym accessories! If you don’t have resistance bands, a pair of tights will do the job (but may need replacing more regularly!). This is the set from Amazon that we bought and have been great so far.

home workout equipment

Shape & Tone the Whole Body

Most workouts need a 48-72 hour recovery period. Alternate workouts over the week to exercise different muscle groups each day. Alternatively, combine a session with cardiovascular exercise for a more comprehensive session.
Start the week with a butt-shaping circuit and follow the next day with with an upper body, posture-aligning workout or core strength, belly-busting session. If your muscles ache in the following days, take a power walk, jog or cycle to get the blood pumping and aid muscle repair. You’ll quickly see and be amazed at how quickly your body adapts. You won’t ache half as much the second time and maybe not at all, the third. By the fourth or fifth time you should be ready to up the weight or resistance! It is however, important to listen to your body and increase little by little.

Stay safe and Injury Free

Disclaimer: Please exercise responsibly, checking all equipment before use and that you have clear space around you. You should build your fitness level gradually and choose the level, weight or resistance you are working with cautiously. Please check out my full disclaimer before continuing with this workout. If any exercise causes pain, stop immediately. Feel free to message me with any questions.

Buzymum- using household items for fitness
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