This waist trim & tone home workout is quick, easy and super effective when done regularly!

Being at home all day, every day is taking its toll on waist lines all over the world! Working the muscles in the middle area not only contributes to general weight loss but also improves posture and strength for everyday activities. This waist trim & tone workout will tighten your tummy, help pull in your waistline and strengthen your core. Taking less than 30 minutes, it’s a quick workout on its own or tag it onto another body part workout or cardiovascular activity, if you’ve got more time.

Before we begin….

Disclaimer: Please exercise responsibly, checking all equipment before use and that you have clear space around you. You should build your fitness level gradually and choose the level, weight or resistance you are working with cautiously. Please check out my full disclaimer before continuing with this workout. If any exercise causes pain, stop immediately. Feel free to message me with any questions.

Waist Trim & Tone Workout

Perform each exercise in turn as described below. Repeat 3-4 times for maximum benefit.

Hip dips x10 each side
  • Maintain straight body shape
  • Squeeze glutes to keep hip angle open
  • 3 seconds down
  • 1 second up

~Rest, 30 seconds~

Side stars x10 each side
  • Keep hips still
  • Feet and knees continue to face forwards throughout
  • 1 second up
  • Hold 1 second
  • 3 seconds down

~Rest, 30 seconds~

Showing a plank position
Standard plank on elbows x30-45 seconds
  • Hips, shoulders and heels in line
  • Shoulders in a neutral position keeping neck long
  • Pelvis in neutral position

~Rest, 30 seconds~

Side hold, knee lifts x8-10 each side
  • Maintain straight body with hips still throughout
  • Bring knee in front of body
  • Keep body and supporting leg still throughout

~Rest, 30 seconds~

Thread the needle x8-10 each side
  • This is the only exercise in this workout where the upper body should rotate (or move in any way)
  • The rotation should be as far as possible while maintaining balance
  • Slow with control throughout

~Rest, 30 seconds~

Side plank hold x30-45 seconds each side

  • See position in videos
  • Imagine a wall in front and behind
  • Hips, shoulders and heels in line
  • Shoulders in a neutral position, shoulder blades engaged
  • Pelvis in neutral position

Finish off with some stretches relevant to the muscles we have been working. Hold each position for 30 seconds:

This workout only needs a 24 hour recovery period, you can therefore do it every day! Team it up with a butt shaping, posture, upper body or cardiovascular workout for variety each day. If your muscles ache in the following days, take a power walk, jog or cycle to get the blood pumping and aid muscle repair. You’ll be amazed how quickly your body adapts to exercise and you won’t ache half as much the second time and maybe not at all, the third. By the fourth or fifth time you should be ready to add some weight or resistance, but listen to your body and increase little by little.

Want to improve your general health & wellbeing?

If you’re interested in improving your health as well as your fitness, check out my ‘How to Lose Weight Forever’ page. You’ll find lots of easy lifestyle changes to help you lose or maintain a healthy weight and optimise your health.

Let me know how you get on with this waist trim & tone workout in the comments below. Let’s do this!

Waist Trim & Tone at Home

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