I will be putting together a set of skill-strength training workouts for gymnasts to do at home and posting them here. These will remain available when we return to ‘normal’ training at TGC, enabling children to access them should they miss a class or want to do more throughout the week.

If you’d prefer live feedback, something more personal or more specific to your child, check out my online group & private classes and packages available during lockdown and tier 4.

Disclaimer: Please exercise responsibly, checking all equipment before use and that you have clear space around you. You should build your fitness level gradually and choose the level, weight or resistance you are working with cautiously. Please check out my full disclaimer before continuing with this workout. If any exercise causes pain, stop immediately. Feel free to message me with any questions.

Warm Up & Cool Down

Before starting any exercise session, be sure to warm up thoroughly. If you would like some guidance, here are a selection of workouts that I recorded during the summer lockdown, many begin with a warm up and mobilisation.

Finish off every session with a cool down stretch. If you want to work on your flexibility, this is the best time to do that as your muscles will be warm and pliable.

Leg Strength & Rebound Circuit

This exercise circuit has been designed to strengthen legs and develop rebound action specifically for tumbling and vault.

Posture Workout

This circuit style workout is focussing on muscles needed to maintain good posture and counteract sitting at a desk all day! The video takes you through the whole workout, beginning with a warm up, explaining all the exercises, the full circuit repeated twice and finally, a stretch.

Super Core Workout

This workout is based on the middle body area and is designed to develop core strength. I have designed the programme in 3 sections so you can either do all 3 sections (1-3 times through) or select 1 section and repeat that through 3 times. Mix it up, keep it fresh and have fun!

I recommend these exercises to be performed in sequence, for 30 seconds with a 10 second rest (just like we do in class) but you could perform each exercise 10-20 times before moving on.

  • Dish rocks
  • Arch rocks
  • Side rocks
  • Russian twists
  • Alternate arch lifts
  • Side stars
  • Leg lowers
  • Arch lifts
  • Side leg press
Full Body Strength Circuit

This is the circuit we were doing in class just before lockdown. Perform each exercise for 1 minute with 20 seconds rest and repeat 2-3 times. I made the video during the November lockdown explaining all the exercises and how to adapt them at home if necessary:

  • Kneel hops
  • Split legs
  • Lift to straddles
  • Handstand against the wall
  • Single leg, straddle lever lifts
  • Bench (sofa) walks
  • Wall sit
  • Angle handstand
  • V-sits (single, single, double)
  • Toe raises
  • Swiss ball pikes (alternative on the video if you don’t have a Swiss ball)
  • Upright row
Skill-Strength Training At Home

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