**Updated** The Live Fitness Training for Sporty Kids (& parents) has stopped but your can watch all classes on replay! If you have an active, sporty family, this is the perfect workout for the whole family to do together! Want something more personal? Check out my Gymnastics-Fit Zoom classes.

When: At your leisure!

Where: Buzymum FaceBook Page

Equipment: We will not use all of these every session:

  • Some sort of mat (carpet is enough for most activities)
  • Cushions
  • 2 pairs socks (balled)
  • Sofa or chair
  • Plastic plate
  • 2 equal light weights (cans of beans/ soup etc will do!)
  • Elastics (pair of thick tights would work but would recommend investing if you can)

Important: Please remember that you are responsible for your children while they are participating in this activity. I recommend that they are fully supervised by an adult throughout.

Disclaimer: Please exercise responsibly, checking all equipment before use and that you have clear space around you. You should build your fitness level gradually and choose the level, weight or resistance you are working with cautiously. Please check out my full disclaimer before continuing with this workout. If any exercise causes pain, stop immediately. Feel free to message me with any questions.

Before joining the class:

It would be hugely beneficial (though not essential) for you and your child to learn these basic movement patterns and positions before joining the class. I describe them in depth here:

What is the inspiration for running a FaceBook Live Class?

My 3 children (aged 8, 11 & 14) participate in gymnastics, judo and rugby several times/ week and are missing their sports hugely. During lockdown we’ve been working out together using different training methods and movements from all our sports.

Why am I running Live Fitness Training for Sporty Kids?

I’m missing all the lovely children I teach. Before lockdown, I used to see several hundred children each week, all loving their gymnastics classes, all keen to be learning new skills and trying to be the best they could be. Now I’m trying to make the best of being at home with my super sporty kids, keeping their spirits up over cancelled events and focusing on maintaining strength, flexibility & techniques for their individual sports. Of course their coaches are providing guidance in various forms but we are all missing that personal contact and performing the actual sporting skills that made us fall in love with our sports!

What will the class involve?

This live fitness training for sporty kids, will be a workout combining simple and complex movement patterns to challenge and enthuse coordinated, sporty kids. Check out one of our classes:

Who can join in?

The class is aimed at kids who would normally train more than an hour/ week in their sport, participate in more than one sporting activity (normally) each week or just love to be active! Parents are also welcome o join in and make this the perfect family fitness session! Anyone can give it a go but please make sure your child is working at a level suitable for them.

My experience:

I’m a level 4 WA gymnastics coach who also studied health & fitness and worked previously as a personal trainer. I’ve been coaching gymnastics for nearly 30 years at both elite and recreational level. I’ve taught in schools, clubs and leisure centres but remain forever faithful to my home club Tolworth GC, where I originally found my love and passion for gymnastics, as a gymnast myself.

I do hope you continue to enjoy the sessions on replay, now that life is slowly getting back to normal!

Live Fitness Training for Sporty Kids!
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