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Sweet Potato & Chorizo Fritters

Having got the kids to eat (and love) sweet potato in fish cakes, I’ve managed to made it a double with these sweet potato and chorizo fritters. Not only do they contain a good portion of veg (including the infamous sweet potato), they are also quick, cheap and easy, so an ideal mid-week family meal.… Continue reading Sweet Potato & Chorizo Fritters

Food · Kids Tea Tuesdays! · Pork, Bacon & Sausages

Ham, Broccoli & Bacon Pasta Bake

This is such an easy, cheap pasta recipe that uses every day ingredients, can be prepared in advance and has all the elements of a well balanced meal. It can be served all by itself or with a side salad and is great for using up leftover gammon or even substitute leftover chicken or pork.… Continue reading Ham, Broccoli & Bacon Pasta Bake

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Now We’re Not Moving, We’re Obsessed With Improving!!

A few weeks ago, we came to our senses and decided not to move. Currently living over the road from K’s new school and being walking distance from pretty much everything, finally made us realise that moving was a bad idea, at least for now! So we took the house off of the market and… Continue reading Now We’re Not Moving, We’re Obsessed With Improving!!

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Easy Salmon and Sweet Potato Fishcakes

Unlike most children, my three are not fans of sweet potato and though they love sweet potato muffins and think it’s carrot when I make vegetable chips, if I try to serve it as a jacket or mash, they will flatly refuse! I was therefore taking a bit of a risk with this recipe as… Continue reading Easy Salmon and Sweet Potato Fishcakes

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NutriBullet- Just Another Expensive Gadget?

There’s always a new kitchen gadget being advertised, from apple cutters to bread makers, they range in their functionality, adaptability and longevity and are all marketed as time savers, easy to use and absolutely worth the expense! But how many of them actually are all of those things? Well, the multi-functioning vegetable chopper would save… Continue reading NutriBullet- Just Another Expensive Gadget?