Need a home workout for the whole family? Try our family-fit home workout circuit in your lounge! During lockdown my children and I have been working out in our living room to a LIVE audience. The sessions have proven popular so I’ve edited them into a new series here on the blog for you all to give them a go!

Circuit alternates various upper body, lower body and core specific exercises, providing a complete, full body workout for the whole family.

The circuits we do are fun and varied. I base the exercises around my gymnastics knowledge and love of cross-fit type training in the gym. As the workouts are designed to be done at home, we use household items to add resistance or weight. If you want to invest in any equipment though, I would recommend resistance bands as they are cheap and really useful. I got mine from good old Amazon! For this week’s circuit you will need:

  • Resistance band or thick tights tied into a loop
  • 2 x Light weights (cans of beans will do!)

This week, our family-fit home workout alternates various upper body, lower body and core specific exercises (listed below the video), providing a complete, full body workout. The video also takes you through a warmup, mobilisation & stretch and full explanations of all the exercises before two full circuits. We then finish with a few stretches to cool down.

Before you start…

It would be hugely beneficial (though not essential) for you and your family to learn these basic movement patterns and positions before joining the class. I describe them in depth here:

#1 Family-Fit home workout circuit:
This weeks Exercises:
  • Turning power jacks
  • Plank rocks
  • Single leg toe raises (right)
  • Single leg toe raises (left)
  • Side crunch (lean on elbow)
  • Pike walkout to narrow press-up, push
  • Side walk squats (resistance band above knees)
  • Plank twist jumps
  • Prone opposite arm/leg lifts (holding light weight)
  • Dish, single leg crunch

After warming up, mobilising and stretching, perform each exercise for 30 seconds in a circuit with 10 seconds rest in between. For maximum benefit, complete the circuit three times.

Why not tag on a more specific workout:
Tips to combat muscle soreness:
  • Gentle cardiovascular exercise- walk or cycle
  • Stretch the muscles (see stretches in video)
  • Massage the area
  • Keep moving, avoid long periods of inactivity
  • Encourage blood flow to the area as it’s this that will heal the muscles

Disclaimer: Please exercise responsibly, checking all equipment before use and that you have clear space around you. You should build your fitness level gradually and choose the level, weight or resistance you are working with cautiously. Please check out my full disclaimer before continuing with this workout. If any exercise causes pain, stop immediately. Feel free to message me with any questions.

#1 Family-Fit Home Workout

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