Designing the best kids bedroom and creating the perfect space for your child to grow and play in should be a fun and exciting experience. That said, it is also a challenging task to tackle. After, a functional, beautiful room that both you and your child will love both now and for many years to come is a strict order. 

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Need a little help? We’ve got you covered. We’re going to have a look at some of the best ways you can create the perfect space for them to enjoy. The idea is to capture your child’s current wants and to allow for their future needs. This enables you to get to achieve a good mix between adorable and practical. 

Whether you want to improve on the existing space or start from scratch, you will find some great inspiration below:  

Don’t Over Complicate It 

When it comes to a child’s room, less is usually more. Keep the decoration simple and the furnishing to an absolute minimum. You will create more free space for playing and provide a great neutral canvas that can be updated as your child gets older. Make sure playtime is put first, and provide plenty of open space. Floor-level children’s beds from Cuckooland can also double up as a play zone. Adding in open shelving allows the well-loved toys to also be used as charming accessories. 

Design A Child-Friendly Space 

A great tip for this is to imagine you’re their size. A pint-sized table, cosy floor bed, places to make zones and soft furnishing can make fantastic alternatives to traditional furnishings. Having open shelves, toy bins, and easy-to-access hooks and bookshelves will not only make it easy to find what they want to play with for independent play, but it will also enable them to keep it tidier. 

Focus On Play

If you want to create a room that your little one loves, you need to have a focus on what they do most….. play! Adding features such as an indoor swing, a house-frame, a ball-pit, or slide from their bed can add an emphasis on fun without taking away from style or practicality. Why not think about a chalkboard wall or an art gallery section of the room so they can display their favourite pieces of work they did at home or school? Things like bed tents are also a great way to add a fun element to the room, it also doubles up as an enticement for fussy sleepers to stay in bed. 

Add A Touch Of Magic

There is no denying that kids see the world completely differently to an adult. Infusing magic and imagination is simple for them. Think about adding in a little touch of magic through using things like fairy lights or glow in the dark stickers to give them the feeling of a galaxy adventure or fairy palace. Adding a little enchanting touch can go a long way to making their room feel that little bit more special. 

Make The Most Of The Space 

Ok, so you have to work with what you have got. But that doesn’t mean you can’t create a great space for them. Adding a raised bed (dependant of their age) can help you to maximise the space that is available on the floor. Using a loft bed can allow you to use the space for play when they are younger and then double up as a reading nook or desk space when they get older. Regardless of whether you are dealing with a big or a small room, making the most of the space you have is essential. 

Storage, Storage, Storage

You don’t want to have too much furniture, however, storage is a necessity. From their games, books, and toys to their ever-changing and growing wardrobes in numerous sizes, children come with a lot of stuff! Wall-hugging book rails, under bed storage, stackable boxes, furniture with built-in storage, and hooks are all great ways to add storage to their space. You can pretty much double-up on your storage if you think about it carefully. Create a plan and, maximise the potential. A great tip is to add a second rail in their wardrobe, this is a quick step to doubling the clothing space instantly. 

Think About Colour Carefully 

You may be excited about painting your child’s bedroom the colour that they have been asking for such as bright pink or green, however, you should think very carefully about the colours you are adding to the walls. They may absolutely love these colours now but it doesn’t mean they will later on, and do you really want to change the colour after a few years? Think about having plain, neutral walls, and add in colour through the use of fabrics, curtains, bedding, cushions, throws, pictures, etc. Doing this means that if your growing little girls turns around and says that she no longer loves the colour pink, it’s easier to change. Plus, they will appreciate being able to easily change their room as they grow. 

This is most definitely a long-term solution. Plus, if you were to sell your home, you won’t need to make any massive changes to your children before putting in on the market to make it more appealing to buyers. 

Add Plenty Of Texture And Patterns

If you have ever seen kids bedrooms on Instagram or Pinterest, you may have asked yourself what makes them look so good? It’s from the careful use of texture and pattern. The beautiful yet often neglected perfect partners to colour, texture and patterns are perfect decorating tools that are used a lot by professional decorators and interior designers. They are seen as a bit of a secret weapon and can easily take a room from looking a bit drab to gorgeous with just a few added elements. Try adding in some throws, pillows, and a few rugs. You shouldn’t stop there either, your window is a great place to add texture and patterns. How about a patterned black-out blind? With some thermal curtains to stop any draughts? 

Make Sure Their Minds And Hands Are Busy 

If you have the room for it, a child-friendly working space is an absolute must. Giving your child a space to get creative will keep them both busy and help their physical and mental development. As your child grows, a comfortable workstation becomes a little more important and handy, especially when it comes ot providing them with a quiet space to study and do homework/projects. This is something that can also be added to a mid-rise or high-rise bed. 

Space Where They Can Get Away From It All 

We all need time to ‘get away from it all’ at times and children need to have space where they can do this too. A reading nook can be a great place for them to do this. Whether it’s to read books, play some educational games, or just sit with their thoughts. A reading nook will provide them with a good space to escape while also encouraging them to read. If they’re not fond of reading, then it can double up as a cosy corner for some quiet time. 

This list should help you to create the perfect bedroom for your kids. Have you started to create their space? What sort of things have you started to think about or include? Please share some ideas in the comments. 

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Ten Tips For Designing The Best Kids Bedroom

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