Do you need some ideas for Christmas crafts to do with the kids? Getting crafty with your children is always a fun thing to do, even though it can get messy. It encourages them to be creative and artistic, and could even teach them some valuable skills. As Christmas comes around, it’s the perfect time to think about doing some crafts at home. With no big Christmas parties this year, having plenty of things to do at home will keep everyone entertained. You don’t have to be a particularly crafty person yourself to have fun doing crafts with the kids. There are lots of ideas out there to give you inspiration that are child-friendly, so you should be perfectly capable of joining in or showing your children what to do.

Bake Some Christmas Goodies

If you can get your kids into the kitchen, you can foster a love of cooking and baking. And if you can encourage them to enjoy being in the kitchen, they’re more likely to want to make things for themselves as they get older. So doing some Christmas baking will not only create a fun time for everyone but could put your kids on the path to being more self-sufficient too. There are all kinds of things you could make in the kitchen for Christmas, from gingerbread men (or snowmen) to mince pies for Father Christmas. Children are capable of doing plenty of tasks, including measuring, stirring, and decorating – depending on age and maturity, of course.

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Make Christmas Decorations

Christmas decorations offer a world of possibilities if you want to get crafty with your children. There are kinds of things that you can make, even recycling materials or using standard arts and crafts items to make what you want. A good old glue stick makes it easy and fairly neat to stick things together. PVC glue might be more appropriate for things other than paper and card. If you need extra strength, hot melt glue guns are also an option, but you should either have control of the gun or only allow older children to use them under supervision. They can get pretty hot! You don’t even need glue to make decorations. Cut out some paper in the shape of snowflakes, as a garland, or anything else you can think of.

Sew Some Christmas Stockings

Hanging up a Christmas stocking is a fun thing to do on Christmas Eve and it’s even better if you made the stocking yourself. Sewing is a great skill for your children to develop. This skill will allow them do things like replace buttons or make simple repairs when they’re older. It’s also good for general dexterity. Cutting out some fabric in the shape of a stocking and sewing two shapes together before adding some beads, sequins or applique could be a fun activity. If sewing is a bit too much to ask, you can always glue them together.

Create Some Christmas Costumes

Nativity plays are not going ahead for a lot of primary schools this year. However, not getting dressed up at school, doesn’t mean they can’t make costumes! Why not make some traditional nativity or Christmas costumes to play in at home? You don’t have to have fancy sewing skills to make costumes. You can use paper to make things like hats and headbands, and you can raid your fancy dress box or wardrobes to find other things to use.

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Paint Some Christmas Candles

Christmas lights are fantastic for brightening up your home and bringing a little light in during a dark time of the year. Decorating some candles could be a good activity if you want to add some lights to your decorations. You could paint glass or ceramic tealight holders, or you can even get special wax pens that are made for drawing straight onto candles. If you want a slightly safer option that doesn’t mean you have to deal with open flames, LED tea lights and candles are another option that you might like.

Christmas Art

If you have children who like painting, drawing or even colouring, a bit of Christmas-themed art could be a fun activity. You could print out some colouring pages or just suggest that you do some drawings or paintings of everyone’s favourite things about Christmas. You could use the resulting artwork to decorate during the festive period or do whatever you want with it.

Christmas crafts to do with the kids are sure to be fun for everyone!

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Christmas Crafts to with Kids

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