Schools always need money, wherever you are in the world. Sure, the basics might be funded by central authorities and governments, but any extras – the things that can sometimes be the most beneficial to our children – are just not covered. So, how can you help raise funds for your kid’s school?

Parents can play a huge part in helping schools with these additional extras. Whether you feel like you should or not, the money goes towards helping your children at the school. That is the most important thing, right?

Whether it is helping to pay for some more modern and comfortable School Furniture, new books for the library, school trips, visiting experts, or playground equipment, there are plenty of ways to raise some much-needed funds. This is what we are going to look at in this post. 

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Second-hand book sales

Invite pupils and their families, staff, and members of the local community to donate their used books to sell at an event. Perhaps children could design and make bookmarks ready to sell alongside them. Provide refreshments and you have a lovely little event that not only raises money but encourages a love of reading and recycles books.

A story evening

Invite your children to come back to school in the evening with their parents, dressed in their PJs. Have someone reading a popular children’s story and serve hot chocolate and cookies. To attend, a small fee is charged at the door. 

Quiz night

Hold a quiz night – you can do this in person, perhaps in the school hall, or online through something like Zoom. Have different rounds set up for both children and adults to join in with, and have prizes for the winners. 

Bake sale

There is a reason why a bake sale is always mentioned in fundraising ideas. It’s always a winner! After all, who can turn down cake? You could even do it in an afternoon tea type setting, with fancy plates and cups of English tea to go alongside it.

Sponsored event

Again, these are always popular and easy to link to whatever it is you are raising money for. Hoping to buy new books? A sponsored silent read. Want new sports equipment? A sponsored walk or skip. Children love asking their family and communities to sponsor them. It gives them a sense of pride and achievement to know they are doing something wonderful for their school.

Ask businesses to sponsor the school

Many businesses set aside money every year for good causes and in return for some publicity – their logo on the sports shirts, or printed on your newsletter – will sponsor the school and donate some much needed funds or pay for some of the things that are needed. Reach out to the businesses in your local community to find a way that both the school and they can benefit.

There are so many ways to raise funds for your kid’s school – all it takes is a bit of imagination, some publicity and organisation. 

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How Can You Help Raise Funds For Your Kids School?

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