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Create a family-friendly, outdoor living space is well worth the time and effort! An outdoor living space such as a patio gives you somewhere for your family to enjoy your garden. However, for it to be a suitable place for the whole family, it needs to work for all ages – and maybe even pets too! When designing an outdoor living area, it’s easy to think about your adult needs, like dining and comfort. If you want it to be truly family-friendly you’ll also need to consider safety, fun and practicality. With this in mind, how can you create a family-friendly, outdoor living space that works for the whole family?

Create Shade from the Sun

It’s great to enjoy a hot summer’s day outside, but you also need to be safe. Creating shade for your outdoor living space makes it more family-friendly, allowing you to protect everyone when it gets too warm and sunny. Consider options for shade that can be adjusted, so that you can change them depending on the time of day, which part of your living space you’re using and how much shade you want. Wall-fixed canopies are a great option that can be wound in and out, not only providing shade but also shelter from the rain in our unpredictable, British summers!

Make Your Space Fun, Sensory & Edible!

Your outdoor living space should be fun for everyone. If you want to make it a good space for children, think about all of the senses and how to stimulate them. You can use landscaping services to design a space that meets your needs. Make it a colourful space, add different textures and materials, as well as adding plants for both smell and taste. Include some comfy cushions on your seating or even an outdoor beanbag, hang some wind chimes and grow some tomatoes on your patio. There’s such an array of kitchen garden plants that are both beautiful and delicious, you’ll be growing your own like a pro before you know it!

Image from Pixabay – CC0 License

Flow Between Inside and Outside

Children often spend a lot of time going in and out of the house. When you create a good flow between inside and outside, it offers a couple of benefits. Firstly, it means you can more easily watch what your children are doing even if you are using separate spaces. It also makes it easier for your children to go in and out, especially if there’s no threshold that could present a tripping hazard. French doors that open up onto the garden are a good option if you want to combine the two spaces.

Ensure a Safe Space

It needs to be safe for your family when they’re using your outdoor space. As well as ensuring there’s plenty of shade, there are various other things to consider when creating a safe outdoor space. Make sure that children are protected from anything hot, including outdoor cooking equipment, candles, fire-pits or even metals that can heat up in the sun. Consider any potential tripping hazards, as well as the materials that you use for different parts of your outdoor space. Remember, some plants are poisonous but may be attractive to pets and children. Be sure to identify anything already planted in your outdoor space, before letting your little ones loose!

Creating a family-friendly outdoor living space is well worth the time and effort. Spending time outside is essential to our health and wellbeing, whether it’s time spent relaxing, playing or exercising, you can use it all the time!

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post but all opinions are my own.

Create a Family-friendly Outdoor Living Space

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